jonahs prayer- help!

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hey guys

do any of you have the song "Jonah's Prayer" it goes sumfin like: out of the depth i cry to the thee, lord hear my prayer and have mercy. yea wel if anyone has the lyrics it would b great
god bless


  • Here ya go mazzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........!! ;)

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    My soul is crushed and my heart is faint.
    Please hear the voice of my complaint.
    Yet I shall wait only for the Lord (2)
    He fills my heart with glorious Joy (2)

    Out of the depth have I cried to thee,
    O’ Lord hear me and have mercy.
    Why don’t You hold my hand and lead (2)
    Because I am really in great need (2)

    Here I am surrounded by the sea,
    The water around me is too deep.
    And I am about to drown in my sins (2)
    You’re my refuge, please set me free (2)

    Jonahs had prayed from the depth of the whale.
    For with the Lord nobody shall fail.
    Out of the valley of death he cried (2)
    ‘cause Jonahs had great hope in God (2)

    Pour out your heart before the Lord.
    Repent and sing a praise to His Name.
    Trust in Him and you will be saved (2)
    And you will live in the house of God (2)

  • thank you so much
    your a legend!!!!
    shnoudaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (l0l) ;D
  • farout i luuuuuv that song soo much i was looking for that too thnx shenouda ;) :D

    +FROG+ :) ;) :D ;D
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