America and the renegade "coptic".

edited December 1969 in Random Issues
As you all probably know, my insane nation--America--has been the subject of Middle East rage again.  It all started with one of the most idiotic YouTube videos imaginable. No, it had no comparable sacrilege so characteristic of anti-Christian Hollywood films, like "The DaVinci Code", "Last Temptation of Christ", or many other intentional blasphemies. Christianity gets lambasted by vulgarity continuously, but just say one word against...well, you know.  Anyway, the big issue is the producer of this extremely low-budget tripe claims to be a "Coptic Christian". This is especially disturbing, since he is a known felon and claimed to be an Israeli American Jew.  So, Coptics must be prepared to be scapegoats in the eyes of the world. This seems all-too-convenient given the recent departure of His Holiness, our beloved Pope Shenouda.  We are finding evidence that Salafi are involved and since Al Qaeda is now managed by the Egyptian, Ayman Zawari, there may be collusion and detailed planning.  Additionally, Israel wants America to co-attack Iran. My prayers are for you, my Egyptian Coptic brothers and sisters, that you remain alert and safe. Meanwhile, America continues to embrace insanity.
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