My friend has a serious issue...NEED HELP!!!

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So me and my friend, we're both in high school, and have always been going to sunday school together.  I talk with him one day and ask why I haven't seen him in a while. And he tells me that he has been going to this evangelical church. I tell him that there are a lot of coptic churches in the area, so he doesn't have to go to an evangelical church.  He tells me that he just likes going there and its not "fun" anymore at the coptic church.  I asked does he want to convert, and he said no he just likes the evangelical church better.

I really don't know how to confront this. Any advice would help a lot.


  • Not really a people person here, but I will try my best. You must make him realize that Christ established *one* Church, not thirty thousand. That Orthodoxy is the fulness of the Christian faith and that the Orthodox Church alone is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. That fellowshipping and praying with heretics is against the canons of the Church and that he could even be excommunicated. That the Christian life is not about having "fun" at Church but uniting and drawing closer to God each day. That this union with the Divine is most intimately perfected by participating in the sacraments of the Church. If he is not comfortable with his home Coptic parish, encourage him to look at other Orthodox Churches, whether it be Ethiopian, Armenian, or Syriac. We are all Orthodox, and we are all in communion with Christ because we are all part of His body, the Orthodox catholic Church.
  • well one of my friend does not believe in god and all such things related to god , but i want him to get devoted towards god, so i need some help , can anybody tell me how to convert his mind .
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