Philosophical Questions

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My friend the other day was telling me that her philosophy teacher proposed a few debatable questions. I don’t take philosophy but for those of you who take philosophy or ever did, you would know that there is a law that agrees that marriage comes before procreation…but since some marriages can come without procreation, so shouldn’t procreation be able to come with out marriage…I’m not sure what law states it, she said that it is a theory pertaining to natural cause. Anyways, another question is, if you had to sacrifice your life for your child or your husband, who would you choose? And if you had a small piece of food, the only shred of food left, would you give it to your children or to your husband?
Im not looking for a straight answer…I would just like to hear what you guys think…take care, Gb++


  • i would chose the child in both cases. the husband would be pretty selfish to want to survive and be fed as opposed to his child surviving and eating.
    and no procreation should not come without marriage because no child is completely happy in a broken home. I just don't understand why people would want to purposely ruin a child's life. Its just not fair. If only we could teach our children to be good loving, fair people, i believe that our world can reach near perfection because kids do as they are taught when they're young. But since we'll never be able to do that, we'll be far far away from near perfection.
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