Baptism of Twins co-joined?

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In a case where you have 2 co-joined twins (i.e. 2 heads, 1 body) - what happens if 1 wants to get baptised and the other doesn't?

Can they be baptised?

What about Marriage? What if one wants to get married and the other doesn't? Or, what if 1 wants to get married, and she gets married because the other doesn't mind - would that be adultery?

How does adultery work in this case?

Sorry if this question is a bit odd, I was just curious.


  • You do like Solomon (the king) and recommend that a sword be used to separate the both.  If one really loves the other, they will be baptized in likeness.

    As for all the marital stuff.  I would expect that because of their dire situation, they would always be in contact with FOC, and he would be advising them to enter the monastery and live out their life in celibacy.

    BTW:  they are two bodies that are conjoined.
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