The Ethiopian Liturgy

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Earlier I came across a recording of the Ethiopian Liturgy which uses the Anaphora of John, Son of Thunder (Youhanna ebn elraad). I am aware that the Coptic Church no longer uses this liturgy but I am curious as to whether there is any documentation on the ban and the history of the use and disuse of liturgies in our church?

For those who are interested in listening and reading:


  • I don't think there was a ban, I think it was a restriction that the only liturgies that can be prayed are Saint Basil's, Saint Cyril's and Saint Gregory's. I heard a liturgy from 1982 that had an anaphora for Saint Mary. The Ethiopian Anaphoras are beautiful and explain many theological concepts, more than our current 3. I'm not sure why the Synod restricted it to those 3 liturgies though.
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    Do you know the name of the priest praying this?
  • From what I have heard, His Holiness Pope Shenouda had seen issues where the people were getting confused with the theological concepts in those liturgies so he had basically stated not to use any except for the three we use now.
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