having trouble streamin and downloading

hey guys,

can someone please help me with streaming and downloading hymns of I try and they keep on coming up as .smil files and i cant veiw them. plz help!!!

God Bless


  • Come on... i know someone knows!!!!
  • I believe you need RealPlayer to play them.
  • i dont think its playing the files thats the problem its just that i cant open any of them up.... i click on the link and it says it cant find it.... are u able to veiw the hymns under the coptic hymns tab????

    Pray for me
  • I just tried it and it works and downloads the files just fine.
  • yh i just downloaded realplayer and works fine!!!

    Thanks so much

    God Bless!!!
  • Just for the record Technical Topics forum is for technical problems ONLY..
  • hahahaha sorry.... i was getting a reply from the team
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