Calling my FOC

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Hello everyone!

I have a problem, I haven't confessed in a while and was supposed to last week but there was a unexpected funeral at Church so I couldn't talk to Abouna then.
But, I really don't like calling my FOC because I feel guilty, like I'm invading on their privacy. Since he has like six kids and also works. The problem is I feel like this too much which delays me to have confession. What do I do???

May God bless you all Amen


  • Call your foc. Abounas work is the people. abounas are made to serve the congregation. 24/7 just first ask if its the right time to call.
  • Text message him
  • Call him.
  • Text message him asking him to call you when he is free..
  • when this has happened to me (e.g. when my confession father was ill), i told another Christian about my sin, so i could be sure i am not just delaying because i want no one to know. i also prayed to God about it, which helped a lot.
    but confessing is still the best thing, so don't delay it too much.
  • That is very considerate of you to respect Abouna's life. We do need to realise that they are also human beings and they have their own problems.

    I say send a text to say you'd like to confess and let him know he can call you back when he has the time.

    God knows your intention was to go and confess, not to delay and make excuses  :)

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