Thank our Lord and God!

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to make this topic to thank our Lord and Saviour and God, Jesus Christ cause he helped me with the exams I had and I've got the result for joining Physics School. I had lots of personal difficulties this year, but with the help of our God I've surpassed them all and managed to get a fine result with God's help.

I just want to tell you all, that we ALONE ARE NOTHING, God is so great ( Not because he helped me get these results, but he clearly changed me along the way) LIFE WITHOUT GOD IS FAILURE!

May the Lord bless our lives always and for ever.


  • Congratulations.

    Make sure you say the same about Him when you fail also.
  • great.

    So every time you feel down, come back and look at this post you wrote. Because we tend to forget the good things that happen to us :)
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