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hey all
just today, our church in Sydney, Australia was robbed. :'(the priests came to church in the morning for our normal sunday mass and found all the glass doors broken. glass all over the floor and the church a complete mess. the police filed a reoprt but they have no evidence as to who did this. my priests were extremely distraught at church today and were so sad to see that their own house of God was destroyed. please i was hoping that you wouldnt mind sparing some nice words to them to lift their spirits abit and i will print these posts and give it to them.

thank you so much
may god bless you
and please remember us in your prayers


  • i think all you guys should do is pray !
    if God let the man rob the Church and he let it go threw he will always solve the problem !

    hope i helped !
    dont worry about
    jesus will solve the problem !

  • Mazza my dear friend. Be of good cheer, God must have willed for this to happen, and secondly no one can enter into the house of the KING an ruin and no consquence.What we must do is become C.I.A. Officials. Thats right we have to Christians In Action and pray for God to restore His house as is. Pray without ceasing. And remember 2Corinthians 12:10...we don't mind all of that for the Name of Christ....for when we are weak , then WE ARE STRONG. although i feel their sorrow here from Canada, but we must remember. This is the day the Lord has made, so let us be glad in it.
  • our a church was robbed a few times, in the past years.... but God allowed that to happen, so that the church would be much safer... and now the church is safer, and all better. blessed is the man that falls, and gets up.
  • See all works out for the Glory of His Holy Name!!!
  • Just say to God, "according to your will let it be".
    "Be of good courage wait on the Lord, and He shall strengthen your heart, I say wait on the Lord"
    God could of allowed it so that you may pray for the fruits of patience..
    Those who are patience on the Lord are those that believe
    "all things work for good to those who love God"

    Dont worry t all....
  • "When feeling down.... just look up" ;D
  • SMS i really like that
  • I guess that's where the name comes from....Short Message

    God bless you greatly....

  • thanx heaps
    use are great
  • thats all true guys
    but u had to c it it was farout bad they used a baseball bat
    last tim ethey tried to burn the chuch down they spilled petrol on some trees and the driveway and some of the trees caight alight and the neighbors saw and called the fire brigade and the dudes wanted to burn the actual chuch and then a man with a stick and a man on ahorse chased them out of the chuhc the neighbors saw it
    it was anba abraam and st george its anba abraams chuch and we got st georges relics inside and also they stole money from in the church those 3ata thingos but God will protect His church im sure of that

  • [glow=red,2,300][move]Axias, Axias, Axias Ti Agia Maria ti Parthenos.

    Axias, Axias, Axias Avva Abraam Pimenrit ente Piekhiristoc.

    Axias, Axias, Axias Pachoice Eporo Gewargious.




    ((yes it is an actual PHOTO of Anba Abraam!))
  • Remember the words of Jesus to the disciples, "And the gates of hell shall not over com it" "we abouab al ga7em lam takoua 3alleha" If hell can't overcome her....then wuts a bit of Gasoline. Remember the Ruler of the house is the defender of the house not its servants...leave the matter in the hand of Him has control of it..."For who by worrying can add one cubit to their measure"???
  • Hey guys,

    Psalmist I really liked that. I believe that we are just guests of that House, and hopefully sons too, but in both occasions we are under the Master of the House, we eat His Flesh and Blood uin His House under His protection and we are His servants. Ofcourse it is a terrible thing to happen, but if God let it happen then it was His will, let's just pray for the repentance of those people who commited this crime.

    I also have a question, what did they steal exactly?

  • umm money and other stuff but i forgot

  • yea
    they just stole some money but it wasnt their stealing just that they like trashed da chruch. may god 4give
    thanx guys
  • guys i jus wana say thank you so much for your responses they were amazing- may god bless you in all your efforts
    -your sister in christ, mazza
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