gm foods-are they good??

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Hey guys...for school im working on a biology project where i'll be talking about the genetic modifications of rice. Specifically, the gm rice that i chose is modified so that it contains more vitamin A than usual which will help those living in third world countries who are iron deficient. My teacher asked us, seeing that we're in a catholic school, to include in our project the church's view on this issue. Though she meant the Catholic church, i would also like to know what the Orthodox church my question is, if this gm food is produced with good intentions, is it still considered wrong, because, we, as humans, are altering God's creation and infering with his natural masterpiece(nature)??


  • Youstina, The Orthodox Church doesn't object to GM foods, because modefying the food to help the people isn't a bad thing, its actually a very helpful thing for those lacking in V-A like you mentioned. Remember what Jesus told Peter in the vision, Eat all thats offered to you with thanksgiving. :D c ua in Chruch.
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