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Hello everyone,

I am here to ask for a small request and your help is much appreciated.

A group at my church would like to make a website for the choir, but we don't know what to use to implement an audio library on the website. (We would like to have the same plugin with organized categories, audio player, and lyrics for each hymn.

We need guidance from any of the Web-Developers here. We were thinking of using Wordpress and then making a post for each hymn within categories.

I appreciate if you can contact me ASAP either privately (either through e-mail or PM), or I will be checking this thread for replies.

Thank You and God Bless You for your hard work.


  • You could just put them on youtube and then use the <iframe> attribute in html to embed the youtube video but make the height slim so that it looks like windows media player, but of course if you can find an actual plugin that would be much more helpful, but if all else fails, my ghetto approach will be there for you haha.
  • What I currently have set-up is

    However, I'm not liking  the WordPress idea because it is a bit harder to organize the hymns into categories.

    I was thinking of using HTML templates, but I don't have an idea of how to create the music library.
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  • I like joomla and the preach-it plug-in from truth engaged. I use it to organize the sermons on our website: . They have a melodies plug-in at the same place meant for hymns instead of sermons. There are plenty of other plug-ins for organizing songs you can search for. Just adding recordings as articles in a CMS, whether joomla, wordpress, or another, isn't the best way to go in my opinion.
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