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hi everyone

recently i met some one really nice, who i think might be the perfect one. she always makes me smile and i love being around her. but i feel that it's too early to say that she is the one cuz were too young. wat do u think

God Bless


  • hey

    wel how young is young?? do u feel that youe prepared to live the rest of your life with this person. does she feel the same?? youve gotta keep this in mind aswel

  • i feel that it's too early to say that she is the one cuz were too young.

    If you think you are too young... then you are too young... believe, I am a Man I went through many of “she is the one” scenarios... so how old are you?... and you are probably too young, just wasting your time.
  • I agree..just leave it up to God..if she's really for you, he'll take care of it. God bless.
  • Well, I think u should talk to ur father of confession and see what he thinks about both of u. he probably knows better and I'm sure he will help u.
  • I think the best thing to do is to pray. (and also to ask your father of confession)

    Like bishop Moussa said once, u should pray and say to God if this love is from You so keep it but if it's not so throw it away from me.

    God bless
  • One piece of advise, if you're not in Uni or college, think seven times before telling her u like her, after all, this might turn out very badly, not every one is mature, you know. However I would reccomend that you wait a while until you have reached an age when you can start looking for a wife.

  • Anba Moussa also said before taking such a step there are several questions to ask yourself:
      Am I mature mentally?
        Am I mature spritually?
          Am I mature emotionally?
            Am I mature physically?
              Am I mature financially?

              Answer these questions and pray talk to your FOC...and God bless you buddy.
            • all these responses are to your father of confession, pray, answer all these questions in the previous post (because they are really good) but also have you thought of her as a good friend? you said you like to be around her most of the time, and she makes you smile, it is very rare these days to find A GOOD FRIEND that could make you smile...and if she is the right one GOD WILL SHOW YOU THAT, if she is not GOD WILL SHOW YOU THAT TOO.
              GOD BLESS
            • related question....How young is too young?
            • related question....How young is too young?

              when you are young, and not ready to marry within a year.
            • hi

              to answer all the questions of how young r we. well we're 15. and marmar21, yes i think about her all the time. i love everything about her, especially her personality. and also to answer some other questions, she's not an orthodox, and we met in school, but i before we met i was praying that god brings the right person at the right time. also, after she and i became friends she and her family started going to church more. and i prayed that god brings me the right person, and everyday she and i become better and better friends. and i don't know if this is god's will or mine.
              so wat do u think?

              God Bless
            • well 15 is a little young to be thinking about "the one". I'm not that much older than you (19) and I still think of marriage as something far away. Trust me, in the next several years she's going to change a lot and so will you. Just because you both get on now doesn't mean you will later. It's way to early for you (and I) to think about marriage. Just enjoy your youth (within reason) and leave those thoughts and worries to their time...awww jeez, now I sound like my parents :-\
            • lol

              well i wasn't thinking of marrige but i was wondering if it was possible that god would send "the one" this early
              i mean, i understand wat ur saying about the whole changing thing but if she and i don't change. or if we still like each other after we change, and we still get along well. wat would tha mean.would that mean she is the one or that we r really good friends. does it mean that we should think about marriage or just not even think about it
              wat do u think

              god bless
            • As wasim always says: "there's a diffrence between liking some1 and getting used to some1 so you think you like them..."

            • If u like someone then it's because u got used to them...and if u got use to someone then u like them ???

              Like that made any sense....wut i mean is it's the exact same thing...there is no difference. Well....u have to get to knw the person and be comfortable and be "use" to them in order for u to like them....when u like them...u feel comfortable talking to them so u would then get "use" to them

              abt the thread...ya great go talk to ur abouna...but don't stop liking her...if u think she is the one then she is the one....just make sure it's from both sides (love from both sides i mean)...and Good luck
            • hi

              well i'm very comfortable being around her, so i guess i'm used to her. and i love being around her, and i can't stop thinking about her.

              God Bless
            • Hello,
              well, i know how this feels... but like somone said if think u are young, then u are. I think you need to give yourself some time, time reveals ALOT of things and try not to think alot about it and again, like someone else said, the both of you are still gonna change. I know this might not be so easy, but ask for patience and trust me, if you keep asking for patience and wisdom, God WILL grant them to you :)
              i hear you though, "love" is such a mystery, but i still think that only experience and time will teach you its real meaning.
              Good luck and may God be with you.
            • hi

              i see wat u mean but, how do i know later on if some one who is the "one" has come at the right time

              God Bless
            • If you tell God "let NOt my will but yours be done" I'm sure He will guide you to the right person and u'll know it! God said "I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go, I will guide you" (psalms 32:8)
              Good luck :)
            • thanx needingJC

              i forgot that god would let me know

              God Bless
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