The Feast of the Cross

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The feast of the cross will be on Saturday, I was wonder, how the cross is so important to us that we change the tunes on fasting. What does really the cross means to us?


  • I believe we can talk about the cross for hours and we still wont' be done. ý
    I love the Doxology of the Cross that goes on to say "The cross is our pride, our ýsalvation, our hope, etc..."ý
    St. Paul says about the cross that it is ignorance to the unbelievers but for the believers its ývictory (sorry don't have the exact verse or reference at the moment)ý
    I was the road to our salvation which Christ had to take to save us and redeem us.ý
    We have all kinds of examples from the stories of the saints how the cross saved them or ýoverpowered the devil. Here are some examples:ý
    ý1) Queen Helen, when she wanted to identify the Cross of Christ, she put a dead man on ýit and he became alive again ý
    ý2) There was a story of a certain jew who was traveling with some Christians, they came ýupon a well, while they were thirsty, they couldn’t drink because the water was rotten, the ýpriest in the group made the sign of the cross on the well and they all were able to drink ýbut that jew who was making fun of them. When he believed, He was able to drink
    ý3) The Story of St. Constantine, and the famous revelation "With this you will win"ý
    ý4) It was common for the monks in the desert to travel for days, when they wanted to ýspend the night, they will make the sign of the cross on the ground and in the morning, ýthey will see traced of animals and wild beasts that wouldn't harm them.ý

    These are some examples of how important the cross is to us. ý
    Just my 2 cents as usual!ý
  • In the feast of the cross the tune is the same as Palm Sunday because like Palm Sunday which is Jesus entry into egypt and the cross entered into our hearts from what i understand. there also some other reasons why the tune is the same, does anyone know why??
  • egypt?????!!!!!!!! ???
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