pics of pope kirillos vI

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does anyone have the one where hes standing behind a man praying, in a real photo showed online?

this link is for all the people who absolutely love pope kyrillos, plz help me love him more w photos info stories etc ;D

viva la march 9th, my fav day of the year!


  • dear awadd

    i do but i cant upload downloads im at my ofice right nwo but when i get him i will upload it onto my website and link you check out

  • ;D

    that pic is incredible, thanks!!!
  • heres some links

    the picture forum has some pics of pope kirolos already posted i have some more but there seems to be a problem i cant upload any pictures
    "The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and contact the administrator"
  • Hello Awad: you will find it " on post your Icons here!!!!;D " about the eighth on page 13 , and you can click on;action=display;threadid=883;start=180
    God bless
  • hey guys i have a qs have u seen that pic with pope keyrolse that shows his hair in it ??? and i know that any pope r not suppose to show their hair and if someone drew it then is it okay to be in public ?
  • Ok i have a zipped file of pics of sayedna but its about 4MB after its been zipped and so wont let the attachement be over 1MB. so if u need it, gimme ur e-mail and i'll try my best to send it to all of you a.s.a.p.
  • I c u all lost interest. lol.
  • mary k,
    i think
    the pic wasnt an actual photo, it was done on the comp, but i could be dead wrong, ill have to research that.

    only bc ive never seen an actual photo like that, it was always added onto a cover or cd etc, it doesnt look authentic
  • Dear Awad,

    In response to your question, the photo is an actual real photo. I know the person who has the actual photo and it is a real one. As for the zip file with the pictures of Pope Kyrillos, I do not mind having a copy of it. My email is [email protected] . Thank you in advance.

    Yours in Christ:

  • the picture you are talking is a real photo. the reason it shows Pope Kirillos with his hair down is because during his time and a little before, monks, bishops, and the pope began to slowly stop using the kolonsoa (head covering with the twelve crosses for monks). if you look at any of the older photos of bishops during the time of Pope Kirillos like the ones on, you can see that these bishops have their hair cut and just an emma (bishop's hat) on their head. it was after the reposal of Pope Kirillos that Pope Shenouda III finally stressed that the kolonsoa be used again as it was supposed to be used in the beginning
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