Resurrection Liturgy 2012

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Can anyone send me the link to the full Cathedral liturgy from last night please and thank you


  • Why is the elderly man doing the deacon response wearing a crown/hat? I never had seen this before. Does anyone know what it is called and who in the church wears it (I am guessing a full deacon)?
  • I didn’t mean for anyone to search the whole 3hrs looking for an elderly deacon with a hat,  :). I am talking about the one on 7:30 to 8:25.

    In Christ
  • He is simply a full deacon.
  • he is a full deacon its pretty cool because hes allowed to give the blood during cumunnion. they really dont have a lot of full deacons any more its alwasys in the cathedral
  • We have 2 full deacons in our church in sydney . they are called 'Diacon' .
  • He is an Archdeacon.

    The tradition of deacon/archdeacon wearing this "cap" has been around for many centuries.  Pope Shenouda abolished its use.  This was done in order to avoid any mistake or ambiguity with the bishop's mitre.  This particular Archdeacon was granted the use of the "cap" since he is the Liturgical Patriarchal Assistant and the administrator of the Rites for Papal Cathedral.  He is the one also responsible for the division of the parts of the Liturgy to the members of the clergy.
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