Please pray for my Mom

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Please, I ask from the bottom of my heart, please pray for my Mom tomorrow in Good Friday and everyday after that.  She was just diagnosed with Lymphoma and many doctors are telling her different things and she is very overwhelmed. She keeps on saying she is going to die.  Please remember her in your prayers. Please, I don't want her to leave so please write this on every altar. Thank you.


  • may God have mercy on yr mum and yr whole family.
  • My mom is starting Chemotherapy this week. Please pray for her. Thank God the cancer didn't metastisize. Please pray that she gets through the chemo quickly and strong and that the cancer is gone after.
  • CU20,

    I feel for you.

    It sounds like she is in a reasonable situation for treatment.

    God always takes care of things.
  • The prayers of St. Mary and all the saints, and the blessing of this blessed period may be with her.
  • God bless! Be a shining light for your mom and comfort her and let her know God is always with her.
  • I went to the office this morning, and one of my colleagues asked me to pray for his son, who was found to have an advanced lymphoma at 20 years old.

    Cancer is on the rise.

    God save us all.
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