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Tonight is the first night since I was converted that I'll begin witnessing to my wife towards her conversion.  She isn't aware that I've converted either so it could result in a major change in our marriage and our lives.  She is a strong minded Evangelical so pray that her heart will be open to hear the truth that I've been blessed with.


  • I'd encourage you to be very cautious and sensitive. Rather than talking about conversion, I'd talk about how you've found something that seems to be helpful in your spiritual life.

    We can never argue or bludgeon a person into doing anything of spiritual value.

    And do expect a great many obstacles in your spiritual life. This is just a warning from experience. You don't want to be like the seed planted in shallow soil. So slow and steady wins the race.

    God bless

  • Congradulations on becoming and being part of our church. Yes try not to explain like you had something to prove, but rather explain it, that it was were your heart felt a happiness. That's what I'd do because for me it was true. I do see differculty in you explaining that way because you had asked a lot of questions about our church regarding theology and such. Like most males we try to prove something when females want some reflection of where they are at. Be gentle with her. God bless.
  • Great advice from both of you.  Mostly all I'm going to share is the truth I've found.  If she starts asking in depth questions, I'm going to advise her to research the truth for herself as I did and provde direction to the information I found.

    I'm wanting quick understanding but I'm being realistic that it may take some time.  Being surrounded by family and friends who are Evangelicals, I'll probably get hit with lots of challenges about scripture.  I want to be careful to not get involved in conversations where it just about whos right and whos wrong.

    I know those of you like Father Peter who has been through this knows whats coming.  I'll probably post often for prayer support as things progress.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.
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