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I'm writing a case report about a patient I treat in the clinic. The issue is that I have some gaps in the paper. Would it be considered lying if I fill up those gaps. I have to also write what I did with her but I don't remember everything and I feel bad making up things. 

I hate school because I feel like it causes me to sin more. It is soo hard to be honest in everything. Would it be okay if I fill in those gaps?


  • r u allowed to fill it with 'blah blah'?
    eg. i saw miss x on (date) and she presented with y symptoms.
    examination revealed z.
    the differential diagnosis includes (a, b, c, d, e, and f).
    further investigations were done....
    we could have done other investigations (g, h, and i) but decided to look for the most likely causes first.
    some famous people suggest that all patients should have j investigation, but the recent papers written by k, l and m show that investigations a, b, c, d, e and f revealed the diagnosis in 99% of patients and that investigation h in particular can be dangerous blah blah blah blah (fill enough to get to your minimum word count).
    blah blah blah
    we decided the likely diagnosis was n and treatment was o and p. if this is not successful, other treatments can be tried, such as q and r, as suggested by s in the recent famous paper.

    blah blah and blah.
    u can also blah blah about patient's experience, quality of life and all sorts of blah blahs, depending on what you course is looking for.

    and when in doubt, ask yr tutor for guidance.
    but don't lie!!
  • Hi,

    I think you need a second interview or assessment to fill in those gaps. You must put all your effort on this one. Put you attention to it so you won't be forgetting things again. Make sure to take down notes. I think being honest does not only give you good work, it will also give you good riddance.  ;) God bless and Goodluck!
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