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I've up-loaded two more short Homilies today.

You can find them at...


God bless

Father Peter


  • Also, if you have an iPhone, you can download "Coptic Corner." app
  • u r preaching faster than i can listen!
    the last one was good though.
  • Lol! I am glad that one of them was good.
  • Abouna, I was hoping that in your podcast on the soul after death that you would include St Theophilus' homily on death and judgment. That is probably one of the most terrifying things I have ever read.
  • i am sure they are all good, just i only listened to one recently!
  • I have just uploaded a new podcast which is called..

    The Intermediate State of the Soul according to St Severus

    You can find it here...

  • Dear Peter

    No, on the contrary, we have most of his writings available.

    These comprise of:

    i. The collection of his Homilies, which amount to 127 texts. They are available in French translation. I have translated one into English so far here, but it is not hosted online anymore so I'll need to upload it somewhere.

    ii. The selection of his Letters, which amount to about 300, from a collection that is estimated to have been about 4,000 in extent.

    iii. Two volumes of his Hymns which are translated into English

    iv. Some of his Liturgical material, including a Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts which he seems to have been important in developing.

    v. The Philalathes - translated into French

    vi. ad Nephalium - translated into Latin (no modern European translation)

    vii. contra impium Grammaticum - translated into Latin (no modern European translation)

    viii. La polémique antijulianiste - four volumes translated into French

    ix. Various synodal letters etc are found in English translation in some of the Chronicles

    x. There are other smaller fragments in academic literature, including passages from a commentary on Exodus.

    This represents the majority of St Severus written work. If you have French or are willing to learn then there is a great deal available. I am still trying to pick up good enough Syriac to read the rest. I'd certainly like to be able to translate all the Homilies if the Lord spares me.

    Father Peter
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