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I didn't really know where to make this post but since this is where I've spent all my time I thought I'd begin here.  Many of you have gracefully answered my questions.  Some even went a step further to encourage me and offer to answer questions through private messages.  From the first day here I was immediately humbled by the open hearts of you all.  At first I thought, "if only my Evangelical cohorts were as inviting".

I've been exchanging private messages and emails with members and priests.  I've spent a month reasearching, reading, praying and fasting with one goal in mind; to find truth.  Through all my research and reading I've decided to join the Coptic Orthodox Church.  I've already contacted the priest of the community i'll be worshiping with.

Some of you do and some of you don't know that I've been an Evangelical my whole life and I am now "formerly" an Evangelical pastor.  Right now I'm dealing with a lot of shame and guilt both for worshiping superficially my whole life but also to teach things falsely about the scriptures.  I've asked for forgiveness for all of it and have began a new life.  When I'm baptized in the church I can claim true victory.

Be in prayer for me as I work on witnessing this new truth to my wife, family and friends.

God bless you all....


  • I cried...

    I am probably one of the happiest people in the world for you right now. Jerry, get rid of this shame, you are a chosen vessel. St. Paul worshipped superficially for his whole life, and see what he was able to do through the power of XC!

    While I am unworthy to pray for you, I will certainly beg of God to continue to bring you closer to Him in truth.

    Searching.... Found! Congrats!

  • Your searching and Ioannes and others gives me hope that some who were lost are capable of being found by having remorse in this life

    So many people don't care anything about God or the pearls of the kingdom
  • Our heart are filled with Joy and our mouth is filled with praise for our Lord God and savior Jesus Christ.

    I want to welcome you to the Orthodox Church and may you continue to learn and grow spirituality.  Also, Please don't forget to constantly pray that God may guide and help you and read so you may grow in knowledge and Faith.

    May Christ protect you and your family and keep you in His arms. This is one of the Holiest times in our Church too, I hope you enjoy it with us :) and again Welcome!
  • St. Paul, the beloved Apostle, the symbol of for any convert, was in a much worse starting position.

    That same, very dear and amazing saint, will be a help for you.  To him we was for his prayer before the self same
    Christ that He attacked and later committed his whole life to help you in this journey.
  • There is a purpose that you were not born in the Coptic Church or as an Orthodox. Your Evangelical background is an asset in terms of witnessing to those who are of your former faith.

    You will be more effective than one who has never experienced the Evangelical faith. May the Lord bless you and bless your service.
  • Congratulations Jerry, may God help you and strengthen you as you begin your new life. Remember us in your prayers.
  • :)

    Congratulations Jerry, may the Lord be with you always, guide, and use you as an instrument for the salvation of many.
  • Jerry,

    Keep us updated with your journey. And stay in touch :)
  • Jerry, if you need anything do not hesitate. You can PM me here and I can give you my phone number if needed. I find that converts need to be there for other converts as you will go through things that many cradle Orthodox have not experienced.

    I commend you in your first step in truth. Endure.....
  • Jerry, I am so happy for you. I feel that the Coptic Orthodox faith is much more of a treasure when found rather than when born into because you know what the rest is like and how Coptic Orthodoxy is just so complete and there isn't one detail that was overlooked.

    You are living proof of the verse  "Seek and you shall find". You have definitely been seeking with 200% of your heart and our loving Father has kept good on His promise and has manifested to You the Truth.

    Congratulations Jerry.

    May God show you many good years, and may He help you build a strong foundation and a constantly yearning spirit so that you may reach Him in the end. The same for us all. Amen.
  • may God give u peace. it is not any easy journey, but it is a beautiful one, and the difficulties along the way will only make u stronger if u stay close to God and drive out of your heart all bitterness and frustration (maybe u don't have any - i am thinking about myself here).

    do not burn yr bridges (keep in touch with your protestant friends even if they don't appreciate what u r doing) and keep loving people. let God's compassion and love fill yr heart. be patient with yr family / closest friends and let them see what happens to u on yr spiritual journey. then they will be reassured u r not joining some sect.

    love is the key. if u display all the virtues from 1 corinthians 13 throughout yr journey, no one can rightfully claim u r mistaken in yr journey. we must be 'above reproach'.
    if someone attacks yr spiritual journey and is mean to u, then remember it is our enemy who is attacking u and fight the enemy with yr good virtues. don't fight the people around u with frustration and being harsh because it is not they who are against u, but our enemy. our enemy does not want people to see the depths and beauty of orthodoxy.
    our best weapon is our love for God and our daily struggle to be always close to Him as Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour taught us.

    we will remember u in our prayers, and pls pray for us as well.
  • Thank you all for such encouragement.  I expected nothing less from such wonderful people.  I did meet with the pastor who is over me in my church tonight and I resigned as pastor.  We were interupted so I didn't get a chance to explain everything.  Be in prayer with me as I want God's words, when I leave my old faith, to speak to my old church.

    I watched a movie called "The Passion of the Christ" tonight as well.  I had such a peace and an excitement about the changes in my life afterwards.
  • May the Lord grant you to complete the Holy Pascha in peace, and to see the glory of His Resurrection. Welcome!
  • the heavens rejoice  that you have found the path !! were happy for you jerry!
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