The End of the World Signs

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Finally, after almost a year, I have the file you have all been waiting for! Please forgive me for the long time it took to me ot get it, and please don't all come after me! lol.

In case you forgot, this was the file I promised you guys for a long time on the "End of the World" thread, or whatever it's called now lol.

Enjoy guys, and God bless.
Matt :)


  • This atricle really makes you think that we are getting close to the end, but who really knows how close we are. The end of the world might not be for a long time from now. Or he might come tomorrow, or the next day or the next day or today! Who really knows, we may only be recieving a small taste of what it's really going to be like in the end of the world.
  • thanx for sharing that with us matt :)GBU

    rabena ma3akom all pplz
    pray 4 me ur sista FROG :) ;) :D ;D :-*
  • Makes you doubt the phrase "the world won't end with a boom, but with a whimper'!

    To be honest, I fear nothing with God. What I do fear is that I might not be close enough to God, and that I may have done too much wrong to be so far away from Him. We won't know when He will arrive. The day He comes, the world will tremble with fear, and they will seek false idols for mercy, and they will receive none.

    There have been many people who have said they have seen the future. I remember a colleague of mine told me about a man who had predicted the coming of Hitler and Napoleon way before their time. Can't remember his name, but it doesn't matter.
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