New Pope Updates?

Hi everyone. Can someone give updates on this thread of what is happening with the selection of the new Pope? I know there are a lot of Arabic videos and news and such but I don't understand them much.

I saw a picture of a few Bishops on facebook? Have they selected candidates or committee members yet?


  • They selected the committee members. They are 9 clergy in total and 9 non clergy:

    Bishop Hedra,
    Bishop Benyamin,
    Bishop Paula,
    Bishop Abraam,
    Bishop Serapion,
    Bishop Daniel,
    Bishop Yostos,
    Bishop Isidorus,
    Bishop Kirollos Ava Mina (St. Mina Monastery)
    Nabil Merham,
    Edward Ghalib,
    Malek Mina,
    Monsif Suleiman,
    Goergit Kalleeny,
    Rasmi Abdel Malik,
    Wagdi Louis,
    Kamel Saleh and
    Kamel Shawki,

    And their first meeting was on Wednesday
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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