Does Anyone know the tune to this Hymn?

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It can be said during Communion during the Holy 39 days of the Pentecost. It's called "Christ our God".

If anyone has any links or can direct me to what tune it can be said with, it would be greatly appreciated thanks.


  • It is the festal doxology tune.
  • It can't. It doesn't fit on the words at all
  • Hi there,

    That's the seventeenth and eighteenth part of Nim Gar (end of Sunday Theotokia in Tasbeha) - prayed for Holy 50 days after Easter, and then afterward at the Sunday Tasbeha till end of the month of Hatoor.

    Here's a nice recording of it:

    (The part you quoted starts at the 1:00min mark  :) )
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