Our Lord's Mother Visits Egypt in 1968

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Hey i found this website that has a online book that is called Our Lord's Mother Visits Egypt in 1968 anybody heard of it ?
anyways i liked it alot and thought i would share it with some of u guys ......


and here is the whole website link


they have great pictures and clips to



  • very beautiful BeShOyRm ...thanks for sharing! Take care GB++
  • i have no doubt that it did happen but only certain very spiritual people saw Her so are those pictures real?
  • yes those are real pictures pope kyrollos saw them
    and he said this mirical is real , it sais that in the online book thingy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    and she didnt appear to specific ppl
    they said she appeared to non believers to so..............
    i think its soooooooooooooooooooo cool to see
    mary . that is soo cool how there were doves and
    stuff that were golden colors and the smell smelt like incense a abouna said
  • thats sooo cool ay even muslims saw it thats y most of them believe in St Mary
    how maad

    +GBU ALL+
  • yes my mother and her parents was there, it actually happened for a weeks, as they had told me...there were appearances.
    i used to go to that church many times, when i was younger...
    what is cool is, everyone who was there...was blessed and cured, even the muslims were cured!
    its good stuff..!

  • yea it will always amaze me ! ;D
  • :D ;D top stuff yer
    i wishi saw that well first i wish i can go to egypt lol

    rabena ma3akom pplz :) ;) :D ;D
    pray 4 me plz +FROG+
  • This is amazing i wish i was there to see st. mary.... ::)
  • yeah...i have the picture aslan on my fridge lol...they bought from the church, since there were so many appearances, they hired special photographers to take as many pictures as possible...i have one!!!!!!! hehehe..
    i had them explain to me what happened, and they also said there was like bright bright light, and Mother Mary appeared with baby Jesus in her arms and she was bowing, and there were 3 saints circling the sky above her...but what was really weird they told me...... is , after all the screaming and i dont know what......it turns out that everyone in the crowd saw something different! like my grandmother just saw Mother Mary, my grandpa just saw the 3 saints.......i doont know how it happens like this, thought everyone sees the same thing....

    insha2allah it will happen again for everyone to see !!

  • Has anyone seen her when she appeared on St. Mark's coptic orthodox church in Assuit, Egypt...it was great.
  • yup me me me, i was there :D

    that was one AMAZING night, with all the doves and light :o
  • aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww LUKY U HOS IROF
    not fair lol i want to c it how old were u? do u remeber it clearly???

  • my mom was there when St.Mary appeared in Zeitoun but she was like 8 so she doesnt remember it :(....i forgot to ask my grandma about it ...she was there too
  • my grandparents were there when St. Mary appeared in Zuiton's church, my dad was around 8 or 9 years old but i was there when she appeared in assuit i was 16 years old that was late 2000 and early 2001. The light, the doves, people singing...it was awesome.
  • i do believe that Saint Mary also appeared in Saint Demiana's Monastery either in Durunka or Damiette in the year 1986 cause i have seen Pope Shenouda's papal declaration stating that the event was an official miracle
  • That's actually true and she also appeared in the monastery of Durunka after her appearance in saint Mark's church in assuit.
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