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I had never heard of your church until I found you on the internet.  I consider myself a Christian but I do not belong to your church.  I did a web search to try and locate one of your churches but there isn't one within 250 miles of me.  I'm from the USA and I am interested in your church.  I have read some of your theology and other documents on this site and do not see much difference from typical Chrisitan beliefs in my church.

I really don't what I'm trying to accomplish from this post if nothing else to maybe engage in some conversation with you and just see where that goes.  I watched part of a live webcast today and really enjoyed the reverence of your service.  I also have the utmost admiration of your churches to pursue your faith despite the dangerous persecution of your communities.


  • u r very welcome on this website.
    as u will see our patriarch went yesterday to his eternal rest, and we (even those of us who never met him) miss him terribly as his sermons, his wisdom and his deep love (for God, for us and for all people of all faiths) touched every one of our lives.
    he was so much more than a great leader, a kind grandfather and a pure spiritual light.

    so in yr search about our church, i would like to direct u to anything written or preached by him. eg:

    which he preached only 3 1/2 weeks before his departure to paradise. we don't consider that our patriarch never makes a mistake, but baba shenouda 3rd was a man especially blessed with the wisdom of God and so his sermons are very useful for achieving spiritual growth.

    may God bless yr spiritual journey
    mabsoota (means 'happy' in arabic)
  • What state are you in? There are many Coptic churches in America.

    If you would like to learn more about what's special about the Orthodox church, I recommend a book called Becoming Orthodox, it's about a group of Evangelicals who discover the Orthodox Church.

    God bless.
  • mabsoota, thank you for your direction.  I will research some more and possibly read that book.  I must say, for awhile I was against the organized church but now I feel more like tradition and the organized church is actually very important.  It seems that so many all falling away from all churches for many reasons.  I can't help but to now wonder "is it decption" that is leading so many away.  In any case, I now believe that the organized church is very important.  What I liked about your church that I saw on line is the respect and reverence which I believe is missing from so many churches.  I know many feel that tradition is just religious fluff but I feel more and more all the time that tradition is important.  Its funny that I was raised in churches and yet at this point in my life I wonder why I'm confused.  I have to think that maybe I'm in the wrong place.

    qawe, I'm in Alabama.  As far as I can tell there are no Coptic Churches in Alabama.  I did see that there is one in Atlanta, Georgia which is probably the closest.  But even the one in Georgia is a two hour thirty minute drive.  If my vehicles would make it I'd be tempted to go to a service.
  • There is a Coptic Church in Birmingham, Alabama:
  • If you would like to learn more about what's special about the Orthodox church, I recommend a book called Becoming Orthodox, it's about a group of Evangelicals who discover the Orthodox Church.

    I saw a couple of books with that title.  Can you tell me the author or the one you're talking about?
  • Can anyone answer that question?
  • [quote author=jerry link=topic=13047.msg153330#msg153330 date=1332202046]
    Can anyone answer that question?

    It's by Peter E Gilquist

    God bless
  • Depending on where you live in Alabama, there are also priests from other states that have outreach services in Alabama. If you want more information, let us know.
  • Thank you for your responses.  For now I want to do some reading about your church.  I am interested though.  I look forward to more posts here and learning more about you all.
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