Coptic Iconography

I was wondering if there are materials that explain the theology of Coptic iconography.

Are there similarities and differences with the other Oriental Orthodox Churches?

How is it different from the Eastern Orthodox Church? I know the EO uses the icon of Christ the Pantocrator on the iconostasis on the left of the icon of Saint Mary while we use the icon of the Baptism – why is this?

If you have books or links that explain the order in which icons are to be set and the symbolism behind icons (like the stars on Saint Mary) I will appreciate it greatly.

In Christ


  • My dear Theophilus,

    Upon googling just the term "Coptic Iconography," I have found numerous websites that explain the many schools: contemporary, old, etc. I highly recommend these websites if you are trying to find information fast.

    Just a little addition to this; The reason why we have two dimensional icons as opposed to three dimensional like the Catholics or even Protestants is because these icons are not a form of worship; Rather, they are simple and without dimension because the symbology in that is that our brains are limited in understanding the magnitude and capacity of God and His work throughout the ages. We cannot draw real, or life-like icons because we are only human, and as such, don't fully understand or comprehend God.

    It is a humbling gesture the way we draw our icons. The icons are expressions of our mind's understanding of the events that took place as given to us in accordance with the Holy and True Word of God.

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