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recently i was talking and a russian orthodox christian asked me if there were different types of orthodox crosses. i told him i don't know but i think there are
so i'm hoping one of u guys would know

God Bless


  • Hello Chiefofsinners:
    Of course you know the Coptic cross

    I will put to you summery of the Easter Orthodox Cross( Russian,

    Ukranian, ... )

    The Orthodox cross, made up of two horizontal and one diagonal bar crossing a vertical pole, is the symbol of the Russian orthodox church. The upper bar represents the sign "INRI," ("Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews") the mocking title bestowed on Christ by the Romans in the New testament account of the crucifixion.

    The lower, slanted bar is simply a stylized footrest, a common design in early Christian crosses. Later folklore holds that the lower end points to hell, and the upper to heaven, representing the destinies of the two thieves crucified with Christ. The first thief, repentant, went to heaven, the second, who did not regret his sin, to hell.
  • Hello once again: I forgot to post the shap of the Russan Cross
  • hi

    thanx so much. i was wondering wat they ment. but wat do the other orthodox crosses look like

    God Bless
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