Rite of the General Funereal Prayer

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I hope everyone is enjoying the Great Lent.

Last year, someone from the HCOC choir posted a PDF file of the changes that the Holy Synod made concerning the General Funereal Prayer that is conducted after the liturgy of Palm Sunday. I was wondering if anyone still has access to that file and would not mind sharing it. You can PM it to me. I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, I was talking to some churches and the stated that they did not do it in the annual tune but the mournful tune instead. Some churches were not even aware of the changes. Can anyone bring insight into this? I presumed an issue like this would be global the minute that the Holy Synod decides on it. I'm not saying this isn't genuine; definitely not! I'm just curious as to why some people aren't aware of it. I mean, wouldn't this be published in the El Keraza the same year they made the decision? Or, was it published and this is just a result of not being updated on church news?


  • It was published in the Keraza, but it was a small note that just said something along the lines of "the synod reviewed and made necessary changes to the rites of the general funeral prayer." This is one thing that I would like to see improved. I know we have bigger problems, but dissemination of information is sometimes lacking.
  • [quote author=aiernovi link=topic=12998.msg152820#msg152820 date=1331043413]
    but dissemination of information is sometimes lacking.

    slight understatement!
  • At least that's a start but does anyone have the PDF file that someone from HCOC posted for the change? Thanks.
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