A grave matter

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In my early days of appreciating and becoming attached to the bible I used to talk to a few protestants online well but as soon as I mentioned I was orthodox they used to leave me and say we have a form of godliness but deny its power I was really upset how he treated me and I even told him we put Protestant speakers in our church on tv and thought there was no reason for their hatred and I thought the Copts were peaceable and I was proud of my church and it's priests but now it seems our church really is rejecting protestants and saying they can not be saved
But they did not you'se to say this they used to say the end of the world is near because Jews are converting to God

What if you we're rejecting Christ in them?

I never agreed what he said about orthodox though


  • don't worry, just pray. they are in God's hands.
  • Listen to mabsoota.
    And btw we don't say that Protestants can't be saved, but on the other hand we don't say that they definitely will be - that's a matter for God.
  • Thanks guys the replies help
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