The Great Lent

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
hi everyone
i need ur help
& ur guidness
does anyone knows where i can find a book especially for Great Lent and a book about Holy Week
and it would be helpful if u know a website that carries those books
and it will be helpful if i can download them on my computer


  • do you want the pascha book or what?
  • i don't want the pascha book
    i want a book about great lent how to benefit from it
    and also how to benefit from the holy week
  • Are you looking more into Hymns of Great Lent, or more into the spirituality of the Holy Fast? A real good website that sells a lot of books is

    check it might find what you need.
  • but it will be helpful if i can download the book on my computer
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