Theosis (again!!)


Was talking to a friend and he said theosis is:

"Becoming God, Except in his Essence".

Now would that not mean that you don't become God, hence the statement you become God makes no sense>?


  • Howdy, Lol

    And Yes. Theosis is simply: becoming an image in Gods likeness; God like. Which is encouraged highly by our church, and is what we should all be doing.
    However, becoming God and acting like God is called Homeosis Theo. This is wrong and against our church.

    Source: Theology course i took on christiology and theosis, By Father Pishoy Wasfy.

    Hope this helped!
  • yes, khen piKhristos is right.
    the eastern orthodox church uses the term 'essence' and 'energies' to describe 'God likeness' and 'God Himself'.
    i find the terms a bit confusing, myself, and oriental orthodox scholars don't use them.

    basically what they are saying is that we become like God ('partakers of the divine nature'; 2 peter 1:4) but we don't become God. so they are right, but it is confusing the way they say it (at least for people who don't have PhD in philosophy or theology).
    this is different to the 'new age' beliefs, where they think people become part of God, eg. 'this tree is God, i am God, we are all one etc. etc.'
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