What Do you Love Most about the Oriental Orthodox Church?

Hey all, I started this thread on a different forum once, but am Interested in hearing your thoughts. What do you love most about the Oriental orthodox Church?

For me, The Humility of the leadership and the Monastics.


  • Apart from things like it is the true Church etc etc, I like the diversity of cultures, rites and traditions which are all part of a unity of faith.
  • What I love most is the discipleship of its members and the fact that it is a praying church.
    I like the priests sermons
  • I love the perfection. How everything works together for good; edifying God!
  • The spirit of the church, the great history, and the hymnology are what gives the OO churches their extra flavor ;)
  • this is 10% of the things i love about the church, i'm not posting everything, to leave space for others to post!
    i love the teaching on how we can deal with suffering,
    the crowd of witnesses (martyrs),
    the Holy Communion (it should go on top, but it was the church's teaching that got me to the point of even considering taking Holy Communion). i also love the fact that it actually is the true Body and Blood of our Lord.
    the love of the people,
    the priests,
    the bishops,
    the altar curtain,
    taking shoes of for communion,
    prostrations (on weekdays),
    and the fact that i can walk into an orthodox church where i know no-one and join in.

    ok i'll force myself to stop!
  • Generally speaking I love oriental things like green tea and custard buns and shanghai pork dumplings.
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