Orthodox Studies Course

The website for the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is now online and if you would like to be a student on the first course which is being presented, an Introduction to Orthodox Christology, then you can register now.

The learning platform website will open on the 1st March and account information will be sent to registered students to allow them to log on then.

If you are wanting to commit to this course, which you can follow at your own pace and with continuing support, then please register so that I can be aware of how many people are starting this exciting programme.

The site will be developed in due course, and can be found at http://www.lsocs.co.uk/

God bless all who decide to begin this learning journey together.


  • If you know of others in your congregation who might be interested in this course then do please invite them to register.

    Nor should this course, or any of the courses be thought to be for deacons only, or males only. This is an ideal opportunity for females to participate in something worthwhile and useful.
  • Father Peter, the link to register is giving me an error message.
  • Sorry. I am away from my desk for a moment. Use the Registration link at the top if the page. Ill fix it as soon as I get in.

  • Seems the link on the first page redirects to http://www.lsocs.co.uk/register.php but when you go to the "Available Courses" you can get to the registration page because it redirects to: http://www.lsocs.co.uk/registration.php.

    I have shared this information with all my Facebook friends and I will be letting my Father know about this to generate more publicity in Chicago, IL.
  • The site says the fees for the USA is $120, but for registration it is 125 GBP.
  • Thanks for that info.

    It's £125 for UK students and £135 for International students.

    Father Peter
  • Thanks Rony and others.

    I have fixed the link now. I was out for a little while and haven't set up a web editor and ftp client on my phone yet.
  • Father, when do you think the other courses will be made available? Thanks.
  • Also, what is the cut-off date for registration and payment?
  • There isn't a cutoff date. But if people are able to register as soon as possible for this first course then it will give me a clear indication of how many people I will be working with, and whether there is a future for further course development.
  • I signed up, am I the first?
  • Can you give us more information regarding the reading material, will it be books we need to buy or will it be view able online , downloadable etc?
  • The reading material will be available online, either on other sites to which links will be provided or within the course website itself.

    Since the aim is to have these courses available to people everywhere it seems best to make sure that the reading materials are all together and provided for the student.

    There will be recommendations for further study, and suggestions about books which would be useful, but these will not be necessary to complete the course.
  • LookingInDesire, you were 5th out of 5 registered students so far.

    Let me encourage others of you, who suggested that you were ready to start a course, to register for this first presentation. I do need some indication that people actually want to do such courses or it will be difficult to justify the production of any others. Do also encourage others who are not on tasbeha to consider registering, and even studying with you at an appropriate pace.

    Some of the questions I have been asked are:

    i. Is it all online? - Yes, the course will be delivered entirely online, with electronic submission of assignments and tests.

    ii. Will the reading material be freely available? - Yes, the material being used for study will all be available online either on other sites to which links will be given, or as texts and media available for use and download on the lsocs course website.

    iii. Will I be able to manage this course and other commitments? - Yes, the course can be paced exactly to suit your circumstances, and there is no need to rush or skip material due to pressures of time. A course could even be completed in a year, which would require only a couple of hours listening and reading each week, surely within the scope of almost everyone. One of the aims of this venture is to encourage people around the world to engage in serious study of their Orthodox Faith as a matter of course, and so we would suggest that it is better to follow a course slowly, than be always waiting until there is time, very often we are never able to find the time.

    God bless

    Father Peter
  • Payment is in Euros. What if you're in America?
    I lead a facebook Orthodox Group with 14k members. I will post the link. Fr. Peter what would you want to accompany the post (Like a short paragraph of writing that would explain what the link is for)?
  • Hi

    Payment is listed in British pounds, but Paypal will accept all Western currencies and do a conversion.

    Perhaps you might kindly say something like..

    The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is an exciting new opportunity to seriously study the Orthodox Faith from an Oriental Orthodox perspective using online, distance learning programmes. The first course, Introduction to Orthodox Christology, is now accepting registrations at http://www.lsocs.co.uk. The fees for the course are UK students: £125 International students: £135. All study materials will be provided through the online learning platform. Tuition for the first course will begin on 1st March. Please register now to allow LSOCS to be able to prepare for the class.
  • Thank you Abouna! I posted it!
  • I must thank you. God bless you
  • I have a friend who wants to join if the course if officially recognised; is there any word on how this is progressing?

  • The course on its own can't be validated. It needs to be part of a whole collection of courses/modules that will make up a Certificate course. Universities can't validate what is only one part of a complete course.

    God bless you
  • 7 students so far. Anyone else interested?
  • I would appreciate it if folk could perhaps ask their priests to take a look at the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies website and consider if they can recommend this first course on Orthodox Christology to any in their care.

    Also, if you know folk who might be interested do suggest they take a look at the website.

    It is http://www.lsocs.co.uk

    God bless

    Father Peter

  • Has anyone been able to share the information about the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies with their priest and deacons?

    So far I have only 12 students, and I am pleased to be able to work with each one. But if this Orthodox educational venture is to have any future then more than 12 people are required to participate.

    Please consider what you can do to advertise this course in your own community and social network.

    God bless all who are able to support it in this way.
  • I plan to register in the future. It is a bit beyond my reach financially at the moment. I wish the project much success.
  • Lol, I don't expect everyone to register or even to want to participate, but I hope that people are telling their priests, deacons, parents etc that there is a course that they might want to consider taking.
  • 5 days until the Orthodox Christology course begins studies.

  • A dear member of this forum has taken the time to produce this advert for the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies and uploaded it to Youtube.

  • I've just released the material for unit 2 of the Orthodox Christology course.

    Don't forget, anyone can register and begin studies at anytime, studying at their own pace. I have also started accepting registrations for the Church History course.

  • [quote author=Father Peter link=topic=12915.msg152918#msg152918 date=1331317467]
    I've just released the material for unit 2 of the Orthodox Christology course.

    Yay! Looking forward to it, Father!  ;D
  • The material for Unit 3, looking at the Apostolic Fathers, is now available on the learning platform.

    Don't forget that registration is open at all times, and people can register and study when they want and at their own pace.

    I am also about to launch the Church History course at the beginning of April, so if you are not so interested in Orthodox Christology you might find that more satisfying. And if you aren't ready to start studying then do please consider sharing information about the courses on your Facebook page, blog or wherever.

    The website is www.lsocs.co.uk
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