• okay...I might be sounding a little immature in here...I am 17 so u probably wouldn't take a 17 yr old advice, but oh well it's just an opnion.
    I think both should be looking, I mean how else are you going to meet someone if u aren't looking ???
    God put people in our lives, and we make the choices in whether we need those people in our lives or not, we also make the choice of how we want those people in our we want them as friends or for something more, then God will lead us to how we want them. The guy could like you but u don' that's from God...u could be liking the guy but he doesn't...tht's too from God. He is telling u that this guy or this girl isn't the right person for u..because u don't have those feelings toward them. I personally wouldn't mind telling a guy i like him...but tht's just me...if I have a different feeling toward someone more than just a friendship...i would tell them...u can say i am crazy or immature or w/e...but tht's just me being honest with tht other person...
    abt tht website...i don't think it's good...not bc of the idea of the's just bc i think relationships should first begin as friendship...and tht way..u are just meeting a person u never met...and looking for a future partner in them without even dating. as just talking without touching ot doing w/e is least tht's wut I believe as in an american WRONG...

    k...tht's wut i believe in...people can argue as much as they want

    God Bless,
  • I saw the title to this thread, and was intrigued to see what it had to say, and I read it. I was so flabbergasted, I had to see for myself this site because my curiousity got the better of me. I typed it in and the page popped up, my mouth dropped open so fast. I was like "Whoa....". I never knew that such a thing existed, and I really don't know what to say.

  • I'm new to the site and i was going through all your comments about dating and dating related issues. Do you guys think that there are some priests are not interested in being match makers even if they don't express that verbally? Or they are being match makers for only certain ppl ? It would be nice to get your opinions on that. Blessings.
  • I know many priests who like to match-make. They are A.Do.Ra.BLE!!! They tried it with me once. hehe.. it was great. Best time ever. 

  • I didn't get it :)
  • @faithinthelord

    Well, naturally, the people that priests are most interested to matchmake are future priests.
  • That's a very good observation . If true , i won't be fair.
  • You can meet single Copts at
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