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This Might offend people and I am really sorry but I want to know if my actions of dealing with heterodox people can cause them to not accept Christ and become part of our church if it was necessary. I know repentance is always possible for me when I am alive but what if people would prefer that we visited their convenience store less and visited the pub less. What if they would have come to Christ. Should I then become a monk? But even when being a monk visitors come and interrupt your prayers and then u can't do any preaching

You may not understand what I am trying to say and judge me
I am saying is there anything I can do which causes people to stumble and causes them to be lost? while I myself am saved when I realise my error can I be saved from being responsible of others perish while I continue living in the world to the max and be saved from blood guiltiness if I enter a strip club and then repent am I responsible for others being eternally lost? Even though I have not?

Why would I want to be saved if others are lost because of me?

Is there anything we should not do if we want to bring others to Christ?
what should we done to bring others to Christ?
is it God's will to not live in the world with people
Am I absolved from all actions while living in the world?


  • Btw I would never enter a strip club and that's not what I meant by living life to the max
    This may seem strange but I am depending on God to work with me as I post to remove the evil and to plant the good because of my weakness otherwise I would never feel I could serve God and I will never have that peace that Jesus came to give me
    and yes I know you may think how could I not know that it is a business, so ofcourse they want you to come
  • dear user157,
    everything that happens in the world is in God's control.
    we don't have to worry how God is running the world.

    so you just have to try to please God each day, then at the end of the day pray to God and repent for any wrong you have done. we all do wrong, but God has mercy on all of us.
  • The thing is, to please God, does that mean I have to go out of the world as much as possible but only when I have no other option stay in? which means no stopping at the convenience store so often and no going to the arcades or restaurants often?
    And no asking heterodox people for any help?

  • User157, I think you are over thinking it. Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you. Worry about your own salvation first and then pray to God to guide you on his way. I am not judging you but you seem of a young age. What if while you were "preaching" you lost your own faith? There is a time for everything under heaven. God bless you.
  • we can't tell u what to do as we don't know about yr life.
    so if we say 'go out more' or 'stay at home more', it might be the wrong thing to you.

    you need to ask someone who knows you, like an uncle in the church or yr priest.
    if you have any questions about this, we could discuss it with a personal message but don't give yr personal details on the forum here, as it is a public website.
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