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hy all!
What do you think about the new situation with war.Can you advise something on You Tube


  • Thanks for your thinks.
    For me was a surprise when one person trying to find the orthodox church to belong to discovered that the situation in all countries as the same inside the church .And there are common  people who analise our time as the saints predicted.

  •   Pray for those suffering from war Smirser.
  • my prays are very week...
    to close this thread i want to say that different people say the same...the goal  of the 3 world war is to put the antichriste

  • I don't think your prayers are weak at all. Maybe your talking about your influence, which we are all in the same boat, but really, it is more important to know what you believe and where you feel safer and get more comfort. That as you know is our Lord Jesus Christ. The world will end one day but try not to worry if you can Smirser.
  • thank you Joshuaa,but it is very difficult to find the truth now and how to undrstand  our time,for examle when revolution began in Egypt odinary people said''what are the doing ,they are opening the door for muslim's,''but at the begining the copts were happy to take back the money of Mubarack,but  now we knew the result...
  • [Moderated: I am not happy with any such language being used about Jews, and especially not at this season of Lent, so let us perhaps not continue this line of discussion.]
  • Hi Smirsir,

        I do think you have to get your feelings in order, more focused on what is affecting you directly and not politics, or who thinks what, or what direction things are going when it's completely out of your hands.

            It also sounds like your blaming and this can come from hipocratical pride. It's like saying you don't make mistakes because you want to look good because of pride.

      God bless you this Lent.
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