How to read the Holy Bible

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Selam everyone,

I was wondering how i should read the Holy Bible on a regular basis? I pretty much just read the Holy Bible every mourning and night but its baically randomly chosen. Should i be reading a book at a time, i don't know what i need to be focusing on. I also try to read the Quiet time before i go to sleep.

Any tips/advice???

May God bless you and grant you the wisdom to answer this question.

Your weak sister.


  • I think - especially at first - you should read the bible book by book, until you've completed it. Once you've read every book, I think picking certain books, chapters, or verses to read and contemplate on will benefit you. Of course, any reading will benefit, but I think it depends on personal preference.

    HG Bishop Youssef (SUS) gave a sermon once about how to read the bible. He mentioned that when reading, you should consider these six points:

    1) is there any direct instruction
    2) is there any direct warning
    3) any promises
    4) any privileges
    5) attributes of the Lord
    6) lessons from biblical characters

    I haven't been successful in finding this sermon online anywhere.
  • you should consult with your spiritual father and/or your father of confession.
  • Of course, consult your FoC.

    But some pointers:

    1) Start with the gospels (preferably Mark, Matthew, Luke, John)
    2) Repeat readings (you should read them a couple of times)
    3) Pray
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