what is our ethinicity?



  • Well, ethnicity doesn't fall under the term faith, but the expression of faith (how we we choose to worship) falls under the term of culture. Our culture is greatly influenced by our ethnicity. Being Coptic means a certain set of things. That's the beauty AND the dilemma of it. Who we are is how we worship, so sometimes we have to figure out who we are, OR who we think we are in order to express our faith. Think about how the Ethiopian Orthodox church prays their liturgy. It is definitly influenced by their culture, right?
    I hope I am making some sense :)

  • well i consider myself Mediterranean. When i say Middle Eastern it sends a negitive message because most people first think i'm muslim and from all the problems happining today thats not a good thing. I also don't say African, because most people think that Africans are black. so Mediterranean is the perfect way to clearify myself without going into a disscussion. Ofcourse I always put other on forms such as the SAT's.
  • It should also be noted that not all Arabs are Muslims, many are Christians. Also there are Syro-Chaldean Christians in the Middle-east, Armenians - mostly Christian, and other smaller groups. There are even Arab-Jews in Israel. Arab is really a broad term used wrongly in the USA.
  • isnt the term 'arab' originatin from saudi arabia, in the bible it talks about arabs before islam, but since the muslim movement started there muslims are generall called arabs...i think....

    OR FOR IBRAHIM I SHOULD ADVICE YOU DON'T SAY THAT TO ANYONE ELSE BACAUSE THEY WILL LAUGH AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hi

    to clear this all up, if u r coptic orthodox, the U.S. considers u white, it's really wierd but that the way it is

    God Bless
  • the ARAB word is considered is said to all the people who speaks arabic in the whole word!!!
  • that is true, but the U.S. considers all coptic orthodox people white
    i don't know why but they just do

    God Bless
  • maybe!! :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\
  • ??? eeekkk i dont like having that title very much.... :( ::) "we're white!"

    How bout we stick with EGYPTIAN! :D..sounds good?
  • do not love the things which are in the world. the world shall pass away with all its desires. (sorry about the bad quatation)

    don't worry about wat we are labeled

    after some conciles, we were labeled heritics, but we didn't care. and now we're one of the leading churches in the world

    god Bless
  • i know that will sound alittle bit wierd to all of u but is it wrong when we say that we are african american?
  • hi

    i don't think it is wrong but, i think it might be taken wrongly causing problems.

    god Bless
  • People People...who care what ethnicity we are.

    don't worry about wat we are labeled

    I completely agree with u

    how abt tht...WE are human beings..Children of God...tht what we should be labeled :)
  • amen. i completely agree with u
  • I believe that it is extremely important, at least in the U.S., to know what ethnicity we are. As a college student, I'm faced with labeling myself on applications on a regular basis. I feel that it is important that we have an identity in the U.S. as being Coptic. Unfortunately most applications don't provide an "other" category.
    The debate seems to center mostly around whether we should fill in White (non-Hispanic) or African American. Personally, I automatically pick African American whenever possible. This is not to say that I fill in for Black if African American is not an option. If there is no African American, I try to see if there is the "other" category, if not, then I'm forced to choose white. However, white is my last option. I highly recommend those going into college or any grad school to do such. If their ethnicity comes into question, they should be knowledgeable about how to respond. I think that explaining who the Coptic people are should provide adequate support to the claim of being African American.
    Additionally, Black organizations frequently use Egyptian symbols such as the pyramids and the pharaohs to show their heritage. I have seen fraternities use the king tut mask as part of their logo.
    If Africans in the US use Egypt as a symbol of their heritage, why can't we claim the converse?
  • i don't think u should change wat u put on those forms so much, they r very important, if u mess up, it could ruin ur life, or it could make u seem very suspicious
  • I personally feel there is no risk since it is the truth. Though I know that there is a good chance someone may ask you to explain. But that is just my opinion. I'm just stating what I do. In fact I'm involved with a minority/disadvantaged admissions and retention program in my university and they recognize me as african american.
  • you r very lucky

    the school that my sisters went to wouldn't consider them anything but white, so they weren't eligable for minority scholorships
    but s'ok.

    god luck with school, and life

    God Bless
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