Prayers for His Holiness, Pope Shenouda III

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His Holiness is hospitalized in Cleveland, as I am sure most know.  Our prayers need to intensify on his behalf.  The Archdiocese Liturgy of the Epiphany in Cedar Grove, NJ, made appeal to all parishes and people to pray for His Holiness.  I offer it as a point to all deacons, whenever a chance, to interject and not omit any prayer in the sequence of the Rites.  I offer that each one of us owes our father the love of prayer on a continuous basis.

The Lord preserve the life of our father.  Although Our Father--the Almighty--is in Heaven, we cry to Him for the father he has entrusted for our daily life and care.  We are defined by our faithfulness to the Commandment to honor our fathers and mothers.  Most certainly, this is inclusive of our shepherding fathers.  It will be well with us to receive this benefit and blessing of obedience, love, and honor for our parents (and our "parents").

I can say that the only Papal name I have pronounced through my life is Pope Shenouda III.  It is this blessing that has made me, a son, what I am.

I would say that there should be a call for the bickering, attacks, and non-sensible philosophizing to be put the side in favor of prayers for His Holiness.


  • Do yo  know how his condition is? I haven't really heard much as to why he's in the hospital.
  • His Holiness was at Cleveland and returned to Egypt for the Nativity.  He delayed some of his treatments, which put him in a rush to return to Cleveland after the Nativity.

    I am only reiterating the plea that was put forward in the announcements for the Theophany Liturgy at the Archdiocesan Center in Cedar Grove.
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