baptizing boys n girls

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hey everyone.. ok i have a question... why do boys get baptized after 40 days and da gurls 80 days?? y do da gurls have to wait longer??????

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  • When a woman gives birth to a girl, it takes longer for her to heal so the church gives it 80 days..if the mother will not be the igben then the girl can be baptized right away. It's only because of the fact that the mother is usually the igben and she's not allowed in the church unless fully healed. It's also refrenced in the Old Testament how many days we should wait. God bless.
  • may I state, a baby could be baptized the second it comes out of the womb.... but they wait only for the mom.
  • it is referenced in the Old the Book of Leviticus
  • she's not allowed in the church unless fully healed

    she is nut allowed in da church?????????????
    and y would it take her longer to heal for da gurl??? that makes no sense!!! a gurl is born da same way as da boy..
  • that artical just went in circles!!!
    in the end it said that the mother cant enter the church!!! what??? how can u tell someone u cant go to church, ur not clean??? isnt EVERYONE allowed to enter the church??? think about it.. this makes no sense to me!!!
    and it really doesnt answer the question..
    again im asking.. y do gurls have to wait twice as long as boys???

    God Bless
  • For some biological's twice as long for a mother to completely heal...

    I am not sure abt a mother entering a church....but I am very sure she can't take communion...they might just mean that entering the church as in entering the alter
  • yes, you are right marianne... there is nothing wrong with going in church... but just NO communion.
  • Hello C.A.P

    1- The Coptic Church is based in Her teaching and practise on the Holy Bible

    2- If any person is bleeding ( finger cut, nose, surgery,.... ) whether male or female, that person is not suppose to have Communion, Because the Blood of the Lamb is mingled with his or her blood.

    3- From the medical point of view, the mother who gives birth to a baby girl bleeds longer than if giving birth to a baby boy (hormonal effect )

    4-The mother can enter the church any time but can not have Communion if she bleeds

    5- The Priest can baptise any baby(boy or girle) at any time. But because the mother is usualy the Eshbeen(good Mother), the Bible and the Church following in Her teaching givess this time that you mentioned it.
    God bless you
  • aahhhh!! k now i get it!!! THANK U!!! this question has been on my mind forever.. thank u for ur help!!

    God Bless :-* :-* :D ;) ;D :)
  • Oh that makes sense..I always thought she just wasn't allowed in church ;)
  • everybody is allowed in's GOD'S HOUSE. but there are certain circumstances for taking communion. and you can compare this issue with why do boys and men can pray in the altar but women can't nor girls? it is absolutely not the same issue, but it has to deal with biological reasons from some extent, eventhough that's not the only reason.
  • I always thought she just wasn't allowed in church

    Church and communion are by some people used interchangably in speach. So maybe the person switched the two words. Oh well you got the right one eventually. ;D
  • Yea, guess so
  • lol ya i was kinda shocked when i heared da wonman cant enter the church...
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