Rise My People!

edited December 1969 in Random Issues
      I want all of you to know just how much I love you. This website has been a great help to me over the years, even though I have not always shown appreciation to the people here. I have had my days and I thank all of you for your forgiveness and patience. You are all a blessing to me. I consider all Orthodox Christians as my family, I do everything I can to help you with the little knowledge that I have attained in the life I led before entering into the church. I praise you all for remaining steadfast in the faith and to those that bore you for teaching you the true faith. Many of us here are aware of the problem seeping into the church through the back door. Protestantism. I know most of us are not sure what to do, possibly even the priests, maybe even bishops! I ask all of you, as your brother in Christ, to speak up, to rise up against this heresy entering into our church before many become tainted with false teachings. It was the Copts who defended the faith against the wretched arius. It was the Copts who defended the faith against nestorious. Our fathers have been on the frontlines, our church has a glorious history of strong faith and firey apologists. I ask you to rise up, in the name of Christ and in the spirit of our forefathers and speak out. Defend our beloved church!

your servant, Ioa.

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