Almost finished university

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Sorry for taking advantage of this state I am in and being proud but I have something to say to you all and to the world

First off I am careful about my beliefs because of my mum and dad and I do not want to lose their love for their beliefs have been seriously contrary to mine and preaching my beliefs maybe the reason for the ruin of their souls, for they do not exalt God as loving enough

First I would like to say that God is not a terrorist, God is love but is it possible for him to damn a soul for all eternity the answer to that is unfortunately yes but only to those who are not capable of loving him again and especially for demons who would rebel against him for all eternity

I had to come to this state because of being born a coptic orthodox, that is  those which eternal damnation

How could you manage to see a demon that evil stand before God and be in heaven, just wanting to betray God if he gets the chance

The problem is the devil using our weakness or my weakness to lead others to eternal damnation.

I may be the only one but I want to fight for God forever even though He does not need me

back to the beginning of my post which was that I am taking advantage of the state I am in, it is because I am glad that I am almost finished uni and I feel it could be because the teachers do not have anything against me but have marked me possibly with good scaling

Now I believe from what I am saying I expect many people to want to stone me if they could or they are offended and they will fight against me and make me fail

For it could be that many christians just because of their beliefs are forced to never be successful in their life, for you are not welcome if you teach eternal damnation to their loved ones

I do believe God will treat the damned mercifully but they will never see light but it may not be possible since this teaching can lead many others to be sinners

Now I feel I have to serve God and not man

I do not want them to fail me but these are my core beliefs and I want to believe that our church is an apostolic  church, teaching the truth. It is good that many of our members teach that God is the judge and not us which makes it seem more apostolic but they also deny purgatory. How can a church of God not know the full truth. Unless God does not want to teach the full truth to the church

Now the question of who will be damned to hell for all eternity is not that simple because of the evil works of the devil which is sometimes through people such as us

I believe God will remove all the evil influences which cause people to be treated unfairly, he may raise them all to heaven first and seperate them as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats

Is it possible for a coptic orthodox to really succeed in life with these beliefs which make sense to be true? I am not ready to be a failure, but kind of I am if I can count this loss as rubbish that I may gain christ and serve him properly

How can anyone preach the gospel if this matter is not solved properly here?

I want to say more but this thinking is a bit tough

I hope God removes all the evil influences, such as even this post if it causes people to be lost otherwise He is not as powerful or caring as I was hoping He was. It could be that you never really saw this post, God just makes an illusion that you saw it so I can learn things so that God speaking to me

so much for the church being on my side and helping me succeed in life


  • was going to add more but not now if ever
  • You have thrown all my sins into the ocean
  • tremble before him all the earth for he is coming, yes he is coming to judge all the earth

    put the nations in fear that they may know themselves to be but men
  • Rejoice o Mary the handmaiden mother, for he who is on your lap the angels praise the cherubim worship worthily and the seraphim without coldness, saying Holy Holy Holy, Heaven and earth are full of your Holy Glory
  • O come let us adore him, o come all ye faithful, come let us adore christ the lord
  • The heavens are blue proclaiming to you the glory of God the creator, sunset or night what a beautiful sight the Glory of God. As long as I live my heart will sing to you O Lord my God
  • just trying to delete intrusive thoughts and to be more sane
  • what happened to seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you?
    will not these doctrines lead to exclusion and failure?
  • keep praying.
    also see my p.m.
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