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This is what I have accepted and believe according to the scriptures. The atheist says I don't even believe there is a God so why would God judge me. The bible says that since the beginning of the world the invisible attributes of God are declared so people are without excuse. It is possible to be blinded by constant turning away from the heart and God had given people over to the delusion. As has already been said here there is no atheist only an agnostic. You can not prove God does or does not exist he says.

Now the questiion to the possibility of an atheist or more correctly the agnostic going to heaven. I say completely yes. If an atheist really can not believe then he is not accountable to God and possibly he will go to heaven no matter what he does as long as it is within his conscience.. but he is not to sear his conscience.. the problem is the atheist wants the darkness and does not want to come to the light which is why he can not see

Jesus said if you were blind you would have no sin but now you say you see therefore your sin remains. And if I had not come and done among them the works which noone else did they would have no sin.

so if you see an atheist stranger welcome him and love him and pray for him

Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but my father who is in heaven. Is there someone who has never experienced an answered prayer even?

The bible says there is a veil over the heart, but when one turns to the LORD it is taken away. Seek and ye shall find. Follow him and he will manifest himself to you
if you tried all this and you still do not believe my own sense of justice and the scriptures seem to suggest you are not accountable to God. You should not be expected to follow him if he has not made an urgent necessity on you. It is wise to fear death as it can happen any day. The fool has said in his heart there is no God.
If God has drawn you to him then come to him. If you have been thirsty drink from the water of life
Behold he stands at the door and knocks. If anyone hears and opens the door I will come in to him and dine and sup with him

I believe if a person has labored for a long time to see God then they will see him, he will come not after too long a time. Just seek him for a reasonable amount of time and he will not leave or forsake you

The bible says that was the true light which gives light to every man which comes into the world which is why people are accountable to God. If you could not see you would not be accountable


  • The bible says? You mean Christ said?
  • i do agree with you, User157

    My personal belief on this is that for someone to believe in God, they have to WANT there to be a God, otherwise, one can find a million excuses to not believe, such as the argument athiests have taken up lately, which is "there's no evidence of a God".

    i also believe, that in anything you do, if you diligently and wholeheartedly seek God, you will find Him. Don't just do things for the sake of doing it, question everything, because this is what makes us human and not robots.
    for example, some people are ignorant and simply don't believe in God just because an angel hasn't come out of the sky and proclaimed there to be a God. it's much more that this however, but people just want to scratch the surface of it because it's the easier thing to do.
  • Sorrybut I have to disagree. I can't imagine how an agnostic would go to heaven, although I don't deny the possibility,  I am not the judge. The proper and only sure way to heaven must include the church.
  • qawe I hope to continue this discussion but I want to make it clear that I believe if an atheist lives in sin but he continues to seek the truth about god god will manifest himself and forgive him. Only when god has sought him is he accountable
    sorry to revisit old posts if that is a problem for you but this post seems stupid but I am not talking about a christian he can not live in sin neither can the atheist I guess I do not know why I said that weird thing. I may have meant if an atheist lives in sin outside of his own free will I assumed. But who says he does not have a free will atleast partially? I was wrong to give him excuses he has a free will to seek Jesus. Yes we must draw near to God so He draws near to us so the atheist should go to church assuming it is the greatest place to find God but noone should be proud of calling himself an atheist. Should say he is stuck in confusion.  I would still pity him if God still does not reveal to him and strengthen him. There is something to say about it but I don't know exactly what so I will leave it at that

    I found this post when I was searching for something else.
  • Untrue. You do not have to want to believe in God for you to eventually come to the belief that God exists. There is plenty of evidence to support faith in God.
  • without going into details if an atheist sins even though it is because of doubts he can expect not to be rewarded if god accepts him blessed are them which have not seen and yet have believed
  • dear beloved. It is a great pleasure to be here with you all. I hope we can be united in one in heart at least. I agree with your statements I think. I can not much talk anymore because I do not have anything much more to say. But you are all in my prayers.

  • let me start by saying thanks for the intriguing post and God bless you. Firstly, no one can say whether or not an atheist can enter the kingdom of heaven but, it is clearly mentioned that if you don't believe and are not baptized then, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Secondly, for about 2 years of my life I also rejected God and denied His existence but in the end the evidence was to overwhelming, atheists tell Christians or religious people overall that they are foolish because they rely on faith and not science and purely tangible and humanely acceptable ideas. But, any way you look at it you cannot live without fait even as an atheist, How many will ask? Well, we have seen evidence of the big bang theory but has it been replicated? Have we actually seen it? Yet all atheists believe this is how the world came into existence and the other seemingly more educated take it one step further and say that they cannot be sure as science is still discovering more about the world. Do they not then have faith in the unknown???

    Lets be honest atheism/ agnosticism are unfounded beliefs that are unsustainable because they too like Christians rely on faith to make sense of the complexity of the world. On a lighter note an atheist has a grave stone which reads "Here lies an atheist all dressed up and no where to go"............

    I hope that when the time comes we are not sitting there all dressed up with no where to go.
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