Oriental Orthodox Library

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The books I publish and republish as the Oriental Orthodox Library are now available at a discount of 25% until the 6th January.

If you are in the US then use the discount code ONEMORETHING.

If you are in the UK then use the discount code ONEMORETHINGUK

If you are elsewhere then the site will usually autodetect your location and provide the appropriate code.

The Oriental Orthodox Library is listed here..



  • I am now able to supply bookstalls at about a 40% discount.

    If you have a bookstore at your church then please consider getting the person running it to order some books from the Oriental Orthodox Library.

    There are 34 volumes in the library so far, and I have created a spreadsheet for bookstall managers to use to request a quote and see the disocunted prices.

  • wow, this is what i have been waiting for!
    i'm rarely at home so ordering stuff and having it delivered is out of the question
  • I've bought a few books Father and and eagerly awaiting to read them. Thank you for your translations which are simple and for the hard work you've put in to preserve Orthodox teachings.
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