New Relics to come to our church....

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Hi Everyone :)

In a couple of weeks, our church will receive the relics of a few saints (not sure who). Our Bishop will be there and everything. is there anything special done to new relics entering the church? My friend told me that there are certain prayers said, the perfuming of the relics, and that there is a special document accompanying the relics that Sayedna checks. any clarification or more details about all of this would be highly appreciated.

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  • anyone ?? ;D
  • I believe there is nothing special other than a tamgeed and a procession for the saints who's relics are gonna there.
  • I believe 2 of them are St. George and St. Theodore El-Shotby, but there are like three more im not sure of, I believe another is St. Ishak El-Dafrawy?? lol
  • i was in a church i attended previously when we got relics from saint john the evangelist (the beloved).
    it was really lovely, we had vespers then tamgeed (celebration of the saint) then putting spices and oil around the box and giving it a new cover, then a procession, then we all got some of the left-over spices.
    we praised God a lot and it was a very special occasion. it didn't finish very late, only an hour or 2 after vespers.

    i suggest u look up the tamgeed for the saints u and print them out so u have the words (like if the projector or computer breaks). hopefully yr priest will know who is coming.
    may God bless yr church at this special time
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