cleaning the shoria/censer tips

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Recently, there was a humorous post about cleaning the shoria...but now I actually NEED to clean a shoria so does anyone have any good tips? I just don't want to douse it with every toxic chemical I have at home fearing that it will melt or change colours. The gold has mostly tarnished off anyways. Besides, the type of incese that we use in the Coptic Orthodox church, called unofficially Coptic Frankincense (Boswellia frereana) leaves a sticky residue that other types of incense don't so it will be extra fun cleaning it :) Thanks in advance!


  • Get a very large pot and fill it with water. Put the shoria in and put it on the stove and let the shoria sit in the boiling water. The boiling water takes off most residue. I've tried it- it works really well! Brass cleaner also gives it a nice shine after your done
  • but remember to take the left over water and dump it in a garden

    as I was told by my priest!
  • Thanks a lot! I will try that as the gold has pretty much all worn off and its now just black with soot. Theres another one I have to clean but I think ill just have to use a soft cloth and dish detergent so that it doesn't wear off.

    btw how long should I leave it it in the boiling water for?
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