Council of Oriental Orthodox Churches in the UK

A meeting of the Council of Oriental Orthodox Churches in the UK took place on the evening of 6th December at St Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church, Kensington, London.

It was attended by many bishops and priests representing the:

Armenian Orthodox Church
British Orthodox Church
Coptic Orthodox Church
Eritrean Orthodox Church
Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Indian Orthodox Church
Syrian Orthodox Church

The Council discussed the Oriental Orthodox Festival for 2012, the Orthodox Education Day, the meeting of the Catholic-Oriental Orthodox Regional Forum, and the situation facing the Churches in the Middle East. There was an opportunity to hear the news from each of the member Churches, and a warm sense of fellowship and fraternal community was shared by all.

The meeting was chaired by the President of the Council, His Grace Bishop Angaelos.

The Council of Oriental Orthodox Churches in the UK meets four times a year, and organises a number of events.

Father Peter Farrington
Secretary of the Council of Oriental Orthodox Churches in the UK


  • Hi Fr Peter,

    Thats great, do you know who the fathers were from the Coptic Church?

    please pray for me,

  • My Dear Father,

    You forgot to mention that my prediction came true in the new Armenian Bishop.
    What name was he given, or did he keep his Vartabed's name?

    BTW, it wasn't much of a prediction.  It was insider information (EEP--extra electronic perception; the internet equivalent of ESP)
  • Dear ILSM

    Father Vahan remains Bishop Vahan. Father Shnork said that it was the practice that the name changes only on ordination to the priesthood and not on consecration to the episcopate.

    LiD, the priests were Father Antonious Shenouda and Father Shenouda Shenouda.
  • Is the Oriental Orthodox Festival an international event or the festival each parish organizes every year to raise money?

    PS: I thought I was dreaming when I saw your name on 'recent posts'. You make me happy, Father.
  • it's a regional event and not for raising money.
    people meet up and pray and study and because we are in the oriental orthodox churches, we can also have events where we take communion together.
    the only place in the uk where we have enough churches to do this currently is in london, but people can come from anywhere in the world to attend the events.
    (even members are invited!)
  • As mabsoota says, it is a national event to allow the bishops and priests of the Orthodox Churches in the UK to celebrate the liturgy together as a witness of our unity, and also to allow the faithful to meet together and experience worship as one Church.

    In 2012 it will be held, God willing, at the Syrian Orthodox Cathedral, Acton, London, on Saturday, 12th May between 10am and 3pm.

    A liturgy is celebrate in the morning, then there is a shared fellowship meal, and then there are various presentations especially of song. But also including Ethiopian/Eritrean drumming, dance and chant.
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