Chanting Bible readings?

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Hey all -

I like to chant my Bible readings whether they be from the Old Testament, an epistle, or from a gospel. I know it's OK for the gospel but is it OK for other portions as well? I have never heard of anything against it but I have also never heard anyone else do it. . .

Thanks in advance.


  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the Epistle was supposed to be read as if preaching to the congregation.

    I don't think St. Peter converted the 3000 by singing to them...
  • really depends on where are you doing. In Church and liturgical services, you must stick to the rites.
  • I'm talking about my personal readings.
  • [quote author=Andrew link=topic=12609.msg148065#msg148065 date=1322501609]
    I'm talking about my personal readings.

    i don't think it matters....whatever makes you know, believe and understand.
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