How to overcome a bad thought ???

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Hi Everyone,
The last couple of days have been pretty hard for me. Mostly because bad thoughts have been creeping in my mind, most times causing me to sin. I try to stay away as much as i can, but the thoughts always overcome me. I'm too weak to overcome my thoughts. When i finally snap out of my thoughts and sin, I feel like pulling my hair out, and I ask myself "how can I do this??!!!". I have discussed it with my FOC, he told me to ignore them. But i feel i need to find a way to step over the sin and over my thoughts and control them instead of them controlling me. I always tell myself I'm a sinner, i confess VERY frequently with repentance, I always go to church and partake of the Holy Sacraments. But i never have the slightest feeling of them going away. Where ever I go, whatever I do, whatever time or whatever place they follow me. Forgive me for this super long post but I need help. Please bear with my weakness.

The weakest of all,

✞Je Nai Nan✞


  • I am in the same exact boat. In fact, I asked this question many times to my FOC. There are a couple of things that I have learned. The first thing was to come to the realization that God needs to be the focal point in everything that you do in your day to day life. If you are not alert and aware that God is there than you will begin to sin, but if you feel the presence of God and understand that He is there with you than you can overcome. How does this happen? Filter the garbage out of you life and fill it with spiritual things like reading your Bible, listening to sermons, hymns, etc. Make sure to manage your time and keep yourself busy because these thoughts come at you stronger than ever whenever you mind is empty.

    It is important that you remain close to God because He is the only one who can grant you the grace to overcome these thoughts, so try to establish your relationship with Him on a deeper level. Read your Bible everyday! Here is a list of Bible verses that you can use to arm yourself against these thoughts:

    The most important thing is that you continue to renew your relationship with God on a daily basis. You cannot afford to miss one day without reading your Bible or praying and having quiet time. I guarantee you that the days that you do sin will most likely be the days you decide to skip out on these spiritual exercises--so make it a habit! Also, continue partaking of the sacraments on a regular basis--by them God will strengthen you.

    I recommend reading The Unseen Warfare! It is a great spiritual book that can help teach you how to devote yourself more to God and to rely on Him. It also has great passages on how to overcome temptation. Lastly, I will leave you with two very nice sermons on purity below.

    Father Antonios Kaldas on Keeping My Purity:
    H.G. Bishop Youseff on The Life of Purity:

    Continue to pray for me as I also face the same struggle as you. May God grant us the grace to overcome this battle!

    God bless
  • Whenever a bad thought comes into your head, make the sign of the cross. And you can say a prayer like the Jesus prayer (Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me a sinner).
  • think of the thoughts like fliess that you can just shoo away.
    thoughts overcome us because we think they're stronger than us. but don't be afraid of the devil, it's another one of his tricks. your WILL & DESIRE to be with God is enough to drive away these thoughts.
    you said you partake of the sacraments frequently...don't just partake of them, but realize that they have a purpose-they are there to bestow power.

    and last of all, please do not, by any means, fear satan. in Pope Shenouda's book, "Spiritual Warfare", he writes about a hypothetical situation that when the head of the devils sends a little devil to go & fight a person. the little devil fears and is scared about what the person, who is spiritual, will do. will he sign the cross, say a prayer, or even worse, treat him like he's not there (ignoring bad thoughts)??
    and think about it, when you speak to someone, what hurts more: them insulting you or them pertending you're not even there, like very word u said was useless?

    i think for most people, the lack of acknowledgement of their presence is so hurtful. so with the devil, do not acknowledge his presence & make him feel like he really is worthless.

    you are a child of God, & He has inscribed in you the image of His power.
  • Whenever you think a bad thought, or feel that you are on the verge of sinning, stop whatever you are doing and pray. It doesn't have to be out loud - just close your eyes for a moment and pray within your heart for God to strengthen you, and he will.

    If you are alone in your room and the thoughts occur to you, again, stop whatever you were doing and do a metanoia (prostration). The prostration is a way of showing your body that it is subject to God's laws. Accompany this with a small prayer: say a quick prayer e.g. O Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, a sinner and then do a metanoia. Do it as many times as necessary to humble yourself.

    I think that is a key point when it comes to lustful thoughts: its a case of pride. If you pause and remind yourself that you are dust, and that God is directly responsible for every blessing in your life and every gift you possess, you will not dare to sin against him in that way.
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